Your horoscope and astronomy for Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Drastic changes in the material situation, and some born in pregnancy may suffer emotional trauma, but it will not have a long-term effect until they restore their emotional stability, and some of the zodiac may make a final decision to join.


Taureans neglect their work in a way that may cause problems for them, and preoccupies their minds during this period with the search for love, but the astronomy warns them against being deceived and promises them beautiful times, but without real love.


The people of this tower are waiting for some financial gains in return for their work, but they are subject to delay, which causes a state of frustration for him. Astronomy advises you to think about upcoming projects and to make a careful study of your next steps.


You are on a date with exceptional opportunities that you should take advantage of and not miss from you, and astronomy advises you not to neglect any opportunity and treat it carelessly, as you may miss successful long-term things, and astronomy promises you a distinguished success if you know how to deal seriously with your practical reality.


He gets sums of money that he did not expect, but he is frustrated by the ocean and feels general malaise. Astronomy advises you to stay away from negative thoughts and beware of being a victim of deception by someone close.


People born in this sign live many material fluctuations between ups and downs without knowing serious stability, and they find themselves obliged to make critical decisions that may turn their entire work around. Astronomy advises you of rationality.


He finds the comfort he sought in at work and begins to think about future projects in his personal life, and he may make a decision regarding a serious connection with someone outside his surroundings.


He preoccupies himself with others in a negative way and forgets to think of himself well. Astronomy advises you not to involve yourself in the affairs of others, as you may reach a stage where you find yourself alone without any friend next to you.

* Sagittarius

Sagittarians regain their emotional stability after a wave of problems and disagreements with their beloved, while there is an argument over the fate of his financial and professional problems.


You discover that your relationships need to be reconsidered and you may be forced to make drastic changes in your work and plans and make important decisions in your life.


He begins to get rid of the reflections of his previous financial crises and regains his financial stability. Today he is socially active and meets many old friends, which enhances his confidence in the ocean.


He feels a little tired as a result of exhausting himself at work during the previous days, but this fatigue does not prevent him from holding happy meetings, especially with family and close friends.



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