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Many medical studies have confirmed the increase in intractable diseases among children, especially diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, etc. What are the causes and what are the solutions?

In light of the difficult living conditions and within the parameters of modern life and since the female has become a working woman in the first degree – and we also know that university studies take several years of the life of young women and men – so marriage has become a project that is postponed or later than usual, so does marriage at a later age have a negative impact on Children’s health?

There is no doubt that the age of the father and mother has a direct link to the physical health of the newborn, and therefore we recommend that women have children before the age of 38 and men before the age of 45.

It is incorrect to understand that a man can be a father even if he exceeds seventy, because his physical health inevitably affects the physical and psychological health of the newborn at the same time.

As for the relationship of childbearing at a later age due to diabetes in children, this is due to the girl following the wrong diets to maintain fitness, and many girls use drugs to suppress appetite and other medicines and cosmetic procedures, and there is no doubt that the mother’s physical health is The basis on which a newborn’s health is built.

As for the father, the issue is the same because the fetus consists of the genes of the father and the mother, so the medicines that the man take affect the health of the fetus, especially the sexual stimulant drugs that affect the psychological and physical health of the fetus at the same time, so both parties must understand the responsibility of the decision to have children by avoiding taking medicines Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, because your child’s health is a direct translation of your daily life.
Increasing children’s rates of mental and physical illnesses may be mistakes that we commit without realizing the depth of the results, so awareness is the best way to prevent.


Janette Alkousa

The pen is her constant friend, and through some of her writings she gained the trust of Mr. Tannous, who saw in her the right person, as he found her cultural distinction and believed that she would complete a thirty-year-old cultural career. As for the principle that it chose to complement it (far from politics, close to home).

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