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With a “new decision” … Syrian trucks enter Saudi Arabia

A Syrian responsible source revealed a new Saudi decision issued about a month ago to allow Syrian trucks to enter Saudi territory, noting that the flow of Syrian goods to Saudi lands did not stop one day despite the previous Saudi decision to prevent the entry of Syrian trucks to its lands, but the mediation methods are through trucks from countries Others were able to deliver Syrian goods to Saudi Arabia.

According to the deputy head of the export committee at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Fayez Qassuma, the Saudi authorities have allowed Syrian trucks loaded with goods to enter Saudi Arabia more than 3 weeks ago, as the decision allowed the Syrian driver to be granted a visa to cross the Saudi border.

Stressing that the news that 300 trucks loaded with Syrian goods entered Saudi Arabia in one day, is exaggerated, indicating that the number of trucks entering Saudi Arabia daily from the Syrian side is less than that, explaining that the goods are vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs and clothes.

Qassoumeh explained that previously, Syrian goods entered Saudi Arabia with non-Syrian trucks, but today they enter with Syrian trucks.



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