Strikes a nerve

Who killed Beirut?

Energy tenders besiege the Lebanese citizen to become an outsider to the world without the lowest energy standards !!

Yes, the new year may come to Lebanon without a light illuminating the Christmas tree !! Then Lebanon plunges into permanent darkness and the reason is nothing new, negligence and corruption, the income of state tenders to steal billions. As for the tax, whoever pays except for the citizen whose money and livelihood were stolen from him, and now the greed of politicians has drowned him in a darkness that the year may begin with and we do not know when this darkness will end.

A threat from outside, a feast from within, economic decline and mass death, and what might the citizen expect from officials ?? What does the citizen expect from sects, parties, internal fighting, and internal and external dependency ?? !!

Who is the culprit ?? Is he a politician or you as a people who are only proficient in criticizing the other, as if the other is an enemy, the people of one country who have dispersed successively to make the people into peoples, and the homeland is miniature, and the law is immunity and favoritism.

What are we waiting for, to really rise up to revolt in the face of corruption and not to revolt against each other? When will we deserve the sacrifice of the nation in faith and not impotence? When will we deserve you, Lebanon, as a comprehensive homeland !! When do we deserve Beirut as it was before its assassination? You see who assassinated Beirut, you leaders ?? You parties ?? You, leaders of the sects ?? Or are we ?? Or do you see us all assassinated and now weep for what we have done ??

Do we have sinned without realizing the mother of awareness has abandoned us to sin deliberately more than we expected.

Janette Alkousa

The pen is her constant friend, and through some of her writings she gained the trust of Mr. Tannous, who saw in her the right person, as he found her cultural distinction and believed that she would complete a thirty-year-old cultural career. As for the principle that it chose to complement it (far from politics, close to home).

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