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Washington uses Lebanese official as “mediator” with Damascus

The Washington Post revealed that Lebanese Director General of Public Security General Abbas Ibrahim visited Washington and met with U.S. officials to discuss resolving some outstanding issues in Syria.
The newspaper said that Major General Ibrahim visited Washington at the invitation of the White House, considering it a “controversial call”, and according to the newspaper “pledged to continue his efforts to find six Americans missing in Syria, although there is no evidence that the Administration’s communication with the Syrian authorities has yielded results.”
The purpose of the visit, as described by the newspaper, is to push the fragile negotiations that Trump has previously begun with the Syrian government to release Americans, including American journalist Austin Tice.
The newspaper said that Ibrahim’s visit was criticized within the US administration because of the permanent brigade’s contact with Hezbollah.
“The policies of the two countries involved in this case are not a concern for him, this is a humanitarian issue,” Ibrahim was quoted as saying. I don’t get involved in politics and it’s none of my business, I’m just a mediator trying to bring these people home.”
On the other hand, General Abbas refused to discuss the details of any exchanges between the Syrian government and the Trump administration after not endangering any progress, saying: “The discussions have not yet yielded any evidence of the lives of Tice and others, including Majd Kalmamaz, a psychotherapist who went missing in 2017 after being arrested at a Syrian checkpoint, as well as four other Americans.”
“The issue is difficult, we must start building a bridge of trust between the two sides, and there is no trust between them,” he said.



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