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Unveiled the first foldable screen TV

The South Korean “LG” company unveiled its first flexible, foldable screen TV that can be placed inside a box and removed automatically when needed, and announced the start of its sale.

The first TV of its kind in the world bears the Signature OLED R name, and it is characterized by the possibility of partially or completely folding its screen inside a bottom base within a special structure to protect it, and the user can control the screen size or even hide it completely.

This new 65-inch screen is characterized by lower electricity consumption and its basic base is made of aluminum in several designs, in addition to providing the device with amplifiers that distribute sounds in a cinematic manner, and the TV can be accessed wirelessly, which makes it a smart TV that can connect to the Internet and smart devices.

The TV screen is of the type OLED and has the capabilities to display high-resolution images and control its resolution and features.

Note that the price of this television will be 87 thousand dollars.



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