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U.S. Presidential Election and Early Voting

Days before the U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 3, more than 53 million Americans, including the President of the United States, cast their ballots in an early election in Florida.
Early voting is an exceptional measure aimed at increasing turnout and reducing polling station congestion on election day, noting that in the early voting process the voter can cast his or her own vote at the polling station or remotely, for example by mail, allowing the voter to vote without leaving his or her home, which is currently recommended in the light of the Corona outbreak, and this voting is carried out by filling out the ballot card sent by the voter to the electoral commission in his state through the federal postal service, and this voting allows for the possible participation of voters who are not able to vote during the voting days.
Early voting is receiving considerable attention in the United States this year, which is evident in reaching unprecedented levels revealed by long lines in front of the polling stations where the election began.



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