Two smells if you can’t smell them “Test Corona”

A recent study conducted in India revealed certain odors that the inability to smell is considered an alarm bell for a “Corona” test.

The study research team examined 25 scents, and finally selected 5 of them to be used in the experiment that the participants were familiar with, namely coconut oil, cardamom, fennel, mint, and garlic, and then they classified the scents based on efficacy and affinity, and they also developed a model test set that can be used. For people easily set it up at home.

The researchers in the study found a deficit in the sense of smell in nearly 50% of patients infected with the emerging “Corona” virus without symptoms, and among the five smells that they failed to recognize or discover were mint and coconut oil, and they discovered that 36.7% And 22.4% of the patients misdiagnosed the scents of mint and coconut oil respectively, and likewise, the largest number of patients were unable to fully smell these scents: 24.5% of them could not smell the scent of mint and 20.4% could not smell the smell of coconut oil. India..

If you suspect that you have a Coronavirus, you only know to go to your kitchen and try to smell and taste mint and coconut, and the result may warn you of a dead infection with “Corona”.



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