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Turkey and the S-400 controversy with the Allies!

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said that its country is waiting for NATO to replace the Russian “S-400” systems instead of criticizing Ankara for its purchase, bearing in mind that the crisis that erupted between Turkey, America and NATO due to Ankara’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense systems is still They are continuing despite the fact that the process of handing over the systems started about a year ago, and despite Washington’s demand that Ankara cancel the deal.

In a follow-up to the episodes of this crisis, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said in its statement: “We are waiting for our allies and friends, and instead of making statements that undermine our relations, focus on talks searching for additional reasonable technical measures alternative to the S-400.

In a previous statement, Turkey reiterated that its experience does not contradict its obligations as a member of NATO, and called on its allies to propose alternatives for the system to be compatible with the weapons of the alliance.



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