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Trump’s first appearance since he was infected with Corona

With his first appearance in front of people after being infected with the Coronavirus and receiving treatment in the hospital, US President Donald Trump delivered a speech to a group of his supporters who gathered in the White House, amid many criticisms of the event that appeared to be a campaign rally for the Trump campaign, after it was announced as a peaceful demonstration. .

In front of the audience, Trump, who appeared without a mask, said that he was in “wonderful” health.
Trump criticized his rival, Joe Biden, who is generally classified as a moderate Democrat, describing the Democrats’ program as going beyond communist socialism.

Trump repeated his speech that he had provided the African American community more than any president since Abraham Lincoln.

Trump also said that the 2,000-mile wall he intends to build on the border will be completed soon.

For his part, the White House stressed that the event was not electoral, except that the attendees wore hats bearing the election slogan of Trump, and Trump also touched on key points such as the economy, the wall on the border and voting by mail.



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