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Thwarting a dangerous operation in the port of Beirut

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces

announced that they had thwarted a dangerous smuggling operation through the port to an African country, which included about a ton of “hashish elkif” and more than 800 thousand “Captagon” pills.

In a statement, the Public Relations Division of the General Directorate of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said the following:

“Information was available at the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces about preparations for the operation to transport a large quantity of hashish and Captagon pills to an African country, via a shipment of car oils and lubricants. Immediately, the specialized units in the division began their investigations, and as a result of the follow-up, they were able to determine the identity of the mastermind. For the smuggling operation, he was named ZH, born in 1974, of Lebanese nationality, and orders were given to a special force in the branch to work on locating his whereabouts and arresting him.

And the statement continued: “On 2-1-2021, and through a qualitative and lightning operation, this force managed to stop him in the locality of Airport Road, and through coordination with the General Directorate of Customs, the location of the suspicious shipment was located inside Beirut Port, where a joint force of the two parties searched it. On January 4-2021, a quantity of 861 kilograms of hashish and 812 thousand “Captagon” pills were seized in car grease barrels, with the aim of smuggling them abroad.

And the statement concluded: “With the investigation of the arrested person, he confessed what was attributed to him, and was sent to the competent court, based on his indication, and work is underway to arrest the rest of those involved.”


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