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This is how the English newspapers dealt with Mohamed Salah injury

All sports media around the world were interested in the news of the infection of the star and striker of Liverpool and the Egyptian team, Mohamed Salah, with the Corona virus, but the news had its own signature on the English newspapers, which highlighted the news, after the Egyptian Football Association announced that Mohamed Salah was infected with the Corona virus, and it was confirmed He was infected after “positive” the second swab that was performed on him last Friday evening.

We will display the most prominent headlines chosen by the English newspapers, according to the news of Salah’s injury:
The Daily Star: A nightmare for Liverpool.
Daily Mail: Salah’s injury after his brother’s wedding devastates Liverpool.
The Sun: Salah was injured after Salah Farah, his brother, was present.
Mirror: Klopp receives a new hit.



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