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This is how James Bond mourned his original hero

Bid farewell to the world, one of the most influential global names and a science of Hollywood flags, the Scottish actor Sean Connery who left our world at the age of 90 after a life full of situations and adventures that deserve to be emulated as a movie.

Social media and news sites, as well as personal pages, were filled with the epithets of the global actor. In turn, the official page of the films of the British secret agent “James Bond” called the original hero Connery, with influential words, as producers Michael J. Wilson and Barbara Brockley said through the “Bond” account on “Twitter” To socialize in successive tweets: “We were devastated by the news of Sir Sean Connery’s death. He was and will always be remembered as the original James Bond who began his indelible entry in cinema history when he announced those words that the audience did not forget:“ The name Bond .. . James Bond”..

“He revolutionized the world with his bold and ingenious portrayal of the sexy and attractive secret agent,” Connery said. “Sean Connery is without a doubt largely responsible for the success of the film series and we will be forever grateful to him.”



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