There is no left for the Syrians, neither the figs nor the olives, nor the faithful country. The fires eat up the rest of their dreams.

The days of the inflamed days of Syria, which was enough to eliminate the forestlands that all the Syrian regions depend on their seasons, and even before the war were exported from the fruits of these seasons to the near and far countries, land and seasons that were the safety valve of the country agricultural ended with fire.
Days after the syrian agricultural body was destroyed, The Syrian Minister of Agriculture, Mohammed Hassan Qatana, announced that all 156 fires had been extinguished.
Finally, 95 fires were extinguished in Latakia, 49 in Tartus and 12 in Homs, he said.
Three days of nights experienced by Syrian cities with flames not seen in the countryside of the Syrian coast and the central region of Homs, and the fire not only swallowed thousands of dunums of forests and agricultural land wooded with olives, citrus and ancient oak forests, land larger than the ages of its trees The ages of their owners themselves, who inherited their trees from their ancestors even before they inherited their names, were their only source of livelihood and those who know the Syrians in those areas must mention their usual word in postponing all payments and postponing occasions, marriages, sermons and all matters of their lives Living for “season” is a word of great use, which means postponing until the sale of the season is the only source of livelihood, which is used in the majority of Syrian series that mimic the stories of Syrian farmers. However, the fires refused to continue the joy of waiting for the season to remove this word from the dictionary of the poor of Syria for at least the next 10 years, and even replaced it with the horrors and shouts that filled the skies of Syria “the rest of the livelihood and the season.”
The fire has not only affected the seasons and land, but has expanded to the homes of many residents in these areas, leaving them homeless, homeless and unseasonable, leaving them injured and 3 deaths injured while trying to extinguish what ignited their hearts before their land.
A disaster exacerbated by the weakness of the Syrian government in the face of fires, and its suffering with the poverty of fire crews in all Syrian provinces, apart from the worn-out of equipment and vehicles after their extensive use during the years of war.
A real disaster that the poor of Syria will remember for many years as the suffering of their war years, how not to have come to the rest of the dreams of their poverty, and recorded against the “unknown” for many days, to come out some security voices and say that they arrested several people who created the fires, knowing that the magnitude of the consequences of the disaster portends a greater disaster planned for those areas on hands that cannot be without protection. A mystery to be solved in the coming days, perhaps under the articles of Syrian law that allow the conversion of forestlands after burning, changing their character and replacing them with forestlands in other areas. A dangerous law that may solve some of the fires disaster, which left Syrians with no figs, no olives, no safe country.



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