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The secret of Adel Imam’s refusal to attend the funerals of his friends

Many questions were raised by the absence of Egyptian artist Adel Imam from the duty of condolence even to his close friends

during recent times, and the last of them was Hady Al-Jiyar, who died on Sunday with the new “Corona” virus, and participated in the famous play “School of the rioters”.

Imam also missed the funeral of his friend, writer and screenwriter, Waheed Hamed, who passed away a week ago, and presented with him some of his most successful films, including “Terrorism and Kebabs,” “Birds of Darkness,” “The Mansi,” “Playing with Adults,” and “Sleeping in Honey and a person can only live once.

Adel Imam suffices to mourn his artist friends through his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

A source close to an imam revealed to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, Al-Watan, that he could not participate in the funerals of his friends for fear of the emerging “Corona” virus, explaining that during that period he followed all precautionary measures, after being exposed to a number of health crises while filming his latest TV series Valentino, what forced him to stop filming more than once until his recovery …

The source continued: “Based on this, Adel Imam decided to disappear for the current period, and he spends all his time with his children and grandchildren only.”



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