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The new Arab region with new leaders !!!

Before the Idlib battle is not the same as before !!

The victory of the Syrian army forces leads to an end to the Syrian crisis. As for the expansion of the opposition, it leads to the control of other forces led by other interests or other countries. These are the prevailing expectations based on the following results.

However, the Syrian crisis was not waiting for the Idlib battle to announce its end or to announce the renewal of internal battles: a long time ago, the Syrian crisis transcended the logic of the interior and became a puppet in the hands of other countries because Syria is the center of transformation of the Arab region in general, the Arab region or the new Middle East has several scenarios, but with Multiple scenarios The story remains written by the same writer and within his choice and imagination !!

What we see now from an imposed reality in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries shows us the language that dominates the upcoming scenarios and the building of figures who will be the virtual ruler and the actual subordinate. Does the Syrian citizen in particular and the Arab citizen in general have a place within the new Arabized accounts ??

The changes that we will witness, no one would have dared to raise, even with himself, because the painful truth remains within the strategy of the writer’s logic !! And the director’s creativity so that the scenes of the new reality are suitable for the production proposals and correspond to his whims And we remain, as viewers, seeing our fate on the screens, tuning in to the heroes of the event without an event !! And the goals in Jacob’s soul are deeper than we expect !! The Syrian crisis has parts to come in the lifetime of seasons


Janette Alkousa

The pen is her constant friend, and through some of her writings she gained the trust of Mr. Tannous, who saw in her the right person, as he found her cultural distinction and believed that she would complete a thirty-year-old cultural career. As for the principle that it chose to complement it (far from politics, close to home).

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