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The latest development of the “women stripping” scandal at Qatar airport

After the massive campaign launched against the Qatari authorities for a scandal that violated all laws by forcing some Australian women traveling with them to undergo medical examinations and strip them of their clothes at Hamad International Airport on October 2 to investigate an accident attempting to kill a baby girl found in a critical condition at the airport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar issued a statement saying that “the committee formed to investigate this transgression” referred the incident and those responsible for these illegal abuses to the competent public prosecution.

The statement added: “Based on the directives of Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, a number of specialized working teams are working to review and identify any gaps that may exist in the relevant procedures and protocols at Hamad International Airport, and take action. In this context, His Excellency the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior expressed the State of Qatar’s deep regret and apology for the painful experience that some female travelers had suffered as a result of these measures.

The statement continued, “It is mentioned that this incident is the first of its kind and that tens of millions who have traveled through Hamad International Airport have never been subjected to any harassment. The State of Qatar affirms that what happened contradicts Qatari culture and values, and that it will remain keen on the safety, security and comfort of all arriving travelers. To or those passing through. “



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