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The deep identity in the face of the deep state from Istanbul to Washington!

The American elections will be between Donald Trump and democracy!

This is what Bernie Sanders said, earlier on November 3rd, placing the fate of American democracy in an inevitable (end) if Donald Trump wins!

This is certainly true for Senator Sanders, nominated for two consecutive times, who withdrew twice in succession, in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton and in 2020 in favor of Joe Biden … Sanders, who is described as (red) for his social left that touched (socialism) in some of its titles … It is surely certain that nothing brings it together or connects it with Trump, rather it is an integral example of contradiction and dissonance with him … However, there are some that seem to be common or, at least, similar between the two!

Donald Trump is not a Republican to the bone in the traditional sense (so to speak). He (independent candidate) under the banner and sponsorship of the Republican Party.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat to the bone in the traditional sense (if we may also speak it). He is also (an independent candidate) under the banner and sponsorship of the Democratic Party as well.

What unites these two is that they are facing each other on their own with the (deep state). Although clearly seen in the Democratic Party space, its influence exists and has firm roots in the land of the Republican Party as well.

(The deep state), of which the (elite community) in the Democratic Party, was the one who dropped Sanders to Clinton and Biden respectively, because (his social titles) were excessive in their content, and almost Scandinavian did not fit the American society. His famous speech on September 10, 2010, which lasted for eight and a half hours, in which he presented his reasons in opposition to the law on tax cuts and unemployment insurance to the various vocabulary of social welfare. It was this speech that made him a presidential candidate, but it placed him in advance, facing the democratic elite, and with it the deep state.

On the other hand, Trump managed to win the presidential elections in 2016, surprising the deep state and its pillars, and expressing his success at the same time, from the growing trend of rebellion against it, which will remain loyal to Donald Trump even in the most times when he made wrong or unpopular decisions, especially his decisions related to confrontation Corona epidemic. His confrontation with the deep state throughout his presidency will change the stereotype of American democracy, whose liberation from the “deep state” program seems extremely difficult, despite the unprecedented audacity of an American president in declaring his war against it.

And if Trump can be attributed to the (political dynasty) of the Republican Party, as he represents (the white man) of European roots, and believes in special American traditions and universal values, then it is possible to notice how Trump worked to raise the level of (the identity component – from identity). ) In the blood of this dynasty (his view of Americans of non-European origins), trying to wake it up and prepare it to appear as a (deep identity) in the face of a (deep state).

According to the arrangement of the frontline in this encounter, the presence of (traitors) from the Republican Party on the other side, such as Mitt Romney and George Bush, and formerly John McCain, whom the (deep state) remains able to polarize, can be explained by being an expert in the continuous exploration of the sources of power and its structures to secure control. The persistent ones in transgressing the identifiers of identity.

Bernie Sanders surrendered to the domination of the (deep state) without naming it, while Trump rebelled against it and did not hesitate to accuse it of the name when the need arises. This is what he did when he said (The deep state will delay the announcement of a vaccine for the Coronavirus until after November 3 – the date of the elections –…), and this is exactly what happened !!

If we put aside the hadiths attributed to politicians or thinkers throughout history, they refer to a “party” that controls the fate of states and societies. (An entity) No one can name and define it completely …? Leaving this matter aside as referring to a conspiracy theory, we see that modern political science recognizes that the term and the concept of (the deep state) currently in circulation is one of the Turkish experience belonging to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which was formed to defend his reforms if they were threatened with their cancellation. We have already witnessed, and during the modern history of Turkey, the army intervened with other institutions and parties to thwart attempts to cancel Ataturk’s reforms, more than once, until Recep Tayyip Erdogan managed to reach them and destroy their major structures and replace their roots and seeds with antithesis.

How did Erdogan do what no one else could?

In our opinion, Erdogan was able to destroy the (deep state) that protects Ataturk’s reforms, by invoking the (deep identity) that is historically linked to the Seljuk era, expressed itself in the Ottoman era, and recently framed in the organization of the AKP.

If the Turkish example indicates the ability of the (deep identity) to eliminate the (deep state) opposing it, then will the United States witness special future chapters of this confrontation that still favors the (deep state), while Trump needs, without any doubt, to An additional (ideological package) that enables him to complete and equip the American (deep identity), which it seems he has currently succeeded in awakening and placing it in a state of rebellion against the American (deep state) with its excessive and exceptional power.

In his victory speech in November 2008, Barack Obama kidnapped Abraham Lincoln from the history of the Republican Party, under the titles Fighting Slavery and Gathering the Wounds of the Nation … Ironically, these two titles are part of the structure of the American identity embedded in the federal system, and they are currently beyond the reach of Donald Trump. ..

So, where will he reach in his digs to reach the core of the deep identity?

He will have to dig deep to arrive at the philosophy and doctrine of the first settlement waves, theoretically parallel to the Seljuk / Ottoman settlement in Asia Minor: Turkey.

Is history really this similar?

There has to be a sequel … to come?


Secretary Nizar Salloum

A Syrian researcher and thinker whose writings are characterized by a depth of meaning, his words strike a nerve, He has a great role in enriching Arab thought with a lot of what he contributed to achieving correct awareness of the concept of the homeland.

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