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Tamer Hosni wife causes an uproar .. What is the truth about their separation!

The Moroccan singer, Basma Bousil, caused a sensation on social media, especially among the fans of her husband, the Egyptian artist, Tamer Hosni, after her sudden talk about their separation.

Basma Bousil wrote through the “Stories” feature on her account on the “Instagram” social networking site: “To all the people who send me pictures and videos of Tamer and see that he does not respect me, whether in pictures or videos, I wish you quashed you send me anything because I did not leave me any pictures.” ..

And she continued, “I would also like to know you that we have said separately and prepare divorce papers. If you please, respect the feelings of everyone in us and at least invalidate us, I will follow any need .. Good luck to all.”

After the news spread, according to her, and rumors increased about the reasons for the separation and its truth, Basma Bousil deleted her post about her separation from her husband.



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