Syria.. A father kills his daughter. And he’s helping her!!

The Syrian Interior Ministry announced a horrific murder in the city of Latakia on the Syrian coast, where information was received to the criminal security branch that a deceased girl entered a hospitals in the city after being rescued by her father, who said that she was found lying in front of the family home located in the village of Pine Jabala.
According to the ministry’s statement, after collecting information for the preliminary investigation, the father of the girl (Mazen .C) was suspected of being born in 1978, and after which he was arrested and placed under investigation, and after confronting him with the evidence that the security branch was able to gather against him, the father confessed to killing his daughter (Sedra) to death, and about the reasons for this horrific crime, the father claimed that he killed his daughter because he knew that she intended to escape from the family home with her lover.
The Syrian Interior Ministry confirmed that the necessary measures had been taken against the criminal, to be brought to justice.
It is noteworthy that Syria recently amended one of the laws on honor crimes in the country, which considered “defending honor” a mitigating excuse for the criminal, and after the abolition of this excuse, there is no longer in Syrian law what is considered “crimes of honor” but the criminal is tried in accordance with the crimes law without any mitigating excuse.



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