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Sores in diabetics

Diabetics and those with circulatory problems are exposed to problems with sores from shoes and clothes or from bed. These problems may not be transient problems, especially in the case of using insulin, because these sores may worsen, bringing the patient to a stage where it is difficult to find appropriate solutions.

Therefore, diabetics in particular should consult a doctor before the development of sores, that is, when the sores are in the superficial stage of infection, and the second stage, which is a stage in which cracks and swollen blisters appear.

Note that if the treatment is not done at this stage, the skin color may start to change to darkening and here the worst stage may begin, which is the spread of the black color on the affected area, which puts the patient in front of the risk of eradication.

Some helpful tips:

Drink enough water
Playing sports
Maintain personal hygiene and use hot water and soap to clean the affected area
Stick to necessary vitamins such as zinc, iron, and supplements
Developing an appropriate diet with the supervision of a doctor or specialist

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