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Saudi Arabia is taking new measures to enter it

After Saudi Arabia ended the ban on entering the country

that it started two weeks ago, and according to which travel to and from the country was restricted, as part of measures to combat the spread of Corona, new measures were taken in this matter.

The Saudi authorities issued a decision to allow travelers to enter the country by sea, land and air, starting today, Sunday, at 11 am.

According to an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior, there are entry requirements for non-citizens coming from the United Kingdom and South Africa, and from any other country specified by the Ministry of Health, in which the new mutated type of Corona virus (B. 1, 1, 7) is spread, conditional on the person who is willing to spend In entering a period of no less than (14) days outside the country in which the mutated virus was spread before entering the Kingdom.

The source emphasized that these travelers must perform a PCR examination after the expiration of this period, to prove that they are free from infection with the emerging corona virus.

The source stressed that citizens, who are allowed to enter humanitarian and essential cases coming from countries where the new mutated type of Coronavirus are spreading, will be quarantined in their homes under supervision for a period of (14) days.

He stressed the necessity of these two PCR examinations, provided that the first is no more than 48 hours after arrival, and the second before the end of the stone on the thirteenth day ..

As for the countries in which cases of the strain (B. 1, 1, 7) were recorded, the source confirmed that those coming from them will be quarantined in their homes under surveillance for a period of (7) days, with a PCR examination, before the quarantine period ends in the sixth day.

Pointing out that with travelers coming from the rest of the countries, the procedures currently followed, which are home quarantine for a period of (7) days, or home quarantine for a period of (3) days, with a laboratory examination for (PCR), will be implemented.


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