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Russia takes “water sheet” from Hasakeh Kurds

Russians at the Russian base in Qamishli, Syria, succeeded in extracting the drinking water used by armed Kurdish militias to pressure and fulfill their demands by depriving more than a million Syrians in eastern Syria of drinking water.
The russian army’s efforts there to keep drinking water sources in that area away from the “militia” rivalry between pro-American Kurdish militants and pro-Turkish Turkmen militants in the area of Abar Aluk station in Ras al-Ain countryside, which is the only source of drinking water for the residents of Hasakeh city and its vast countryside and the town of Tel Tamer and its villages, came after a long suffering that suffered for months threatened the lives of more than one million Syrians there to die of thirst as a result of the successive cut off of water by these militias.



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