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Risk of miscarriage and cleaning supplies

There is no doubt that many cleaning materials and cosmetics negatively affect the pregnant woman and the fetus, because they contain synthetic chemicals, inhalation and the use of these materials may endanger your health and the health of your newborn, and it may also expose you to the risk of miscarriage, so we advise you to avoid inhaling these substances, especially pesticides. Because it directly affects your child’s mental and physical development, here are some general tips:

  •  Avoid using cleaning materials before opening windows and do not use them in a closed place
  • Stay away from manufactured beauty products and consult your doctor when it is necessary to use these materials
  • Avoid completely using bleaches during pregnancy for cleaning or washing
  • Not to mix cleaning materials with each other because their interaction may carry a risk of death
  • Stay completely away from the use of pesticides inside the home and when it is necessary to use them, you must use protective gloves and open the windows directly
  • Not to touch your newborn after you cleaned before washing hands with soap and water for at least 45 seconds

Important note: Many studies have proven a relationship between breast cancer and the use of chemicals, so we recommend the necessary prevention to avoid the disaster.


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