Paris explodes a shocking truth about the spread of “Corona”

The spread of the second wave of the Corona pandemic has led to a significant increase in the number of infections around the world, especially in European countries, whose governments have returned to impose strict measures in the hope of controlling and limiting the spread of the virus.

France is one of the countries that witnessed during the past two days an unprecedented increase in the number of cases, as it recorded more than 52,518 injuries and more than 416 deaths, bringing the number of deaths to about 37,435.

The French Minister of Health dawned a heavy surprise about the spread of Corona in Paris, explaining that the virus infects one resident of Paris every 30 seconds, and hospitals receive a case of infection every 15 minutes.

“We want to protect the people of Paris and the French citizens, and we do this with determination and firmness,” the French official added.

He considered that: “Any move to open markets and stores represents a great risk in light of the high rates of infection with the virus in the French capital.”



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