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Miss Mexico 2020 in legendary atmosphere

The selection of Miss Mexico 2020 was not a regular or special event this time around, and its legendary atmosphere and innovative ideas made it a much-admired and interesting international news.
The event’s curators chose rich ideas that reflect the beauty of their regions, the charm of their nature and their harmony with the beauty of the contestants and the creativity of fashion designers, as well as the wonderful work done by the photographers, which transformed the success of a full integrated team that achieved the basic goal of the idea of the beauty queen as a true ambassador for her region and country.
“Beauty of Mexico” magazine published photos of the 32 signature photography sessions, which not only showcased their beauty but reflected the beauty of the traditional fashion designs of the Mexican cities and states that represent us, and quickly spread the images on social media widely around the world.
What was most remarkable in the pictures and everyone agreed that the pictures focused on conveying the beauty of the regions of the contestants, which achieves the first role that the Queen has to achieve, which is being an ambassador for her region to review her beauty and convey her traditions, nature and culture, before reviewing her personal beauty.



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