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Kuwait … Explosion of controversy between the “Interior” and “Fatwa”!

Kuwait is witnessing an explosion of controversy, the Ministry of Interior and the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the Council of Ministers, over voting for the parliamentary elections scheduled for next month.

According to Kuwaiti media outlets, the debate over “voting for Corona’s injured” exploded in the elections scheduled for next December 5, in search of a “legal cover” that puts an end to what is being raised about the issue, in terms of preventing them from voting or allowing them to vote, amid warnings that preventing them may It opens the door for some to challenge the entire electoral process.

The media quoted sources describing them as well-informed that the Joint Elections Committee referred the matter to the Supreme Elections Committee for final consideration.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior believes that those infected with the virus are subject to isolation throughout the period of their infection, which means that their freedom is restricted, and therefore they should not be allowed to go out and vote, for fear of transmitting the infection to the judges and supervisors, while the “fatwa” considers that depriving Corona patients from voting is such that they are prevented from exercising their right. The constitutional process of voting, calling for the necessity to put in place an agreed mechanism to ensure that these people exercise their constitutional right.



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