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Know the risks of suppressing a sneeze

Many habits we practice without realizing that, despite their simplicity, they have many risks to our health, including suppressing a sneeze, which may reach


In the last medical report published on this habit, the researchers said that “suppressing a sneeze is one of the most dangerous habits that a person can do and may lead to death and may lead to a rupture of the throat or eardrum.”

According to the report: “In some rare cases, it damages the cerebral blood vessels,” noting that suppressing a sneeze by blocking the nose or closing the mouth is a dangerous movement that should not be done.

The report pointed out that one example of this occurred with a 34-year-old man who was transferred to a hospital emergency department in Leicester, England, with swelling of the neck and severe pain in the body.

The report continued: “The patient said that he was feeling pain in the neck after he tried to prevent a sneeze by blocking the nose and closing the mouth.” “.


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