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Jerusalem … a special prayer for Trump

With the upcoming date for the announcement of the new American president approaching, and amid poll expectations that favored candidate John Biden, at the expense of Donald Trump, settlement leaders in Israel held a special prayer in Jerusalem for Trump.

Where settlement leaders gathered near the al-Buraq Wall (the Wailing) in Jerusalem and recited a prayer that reads: “Whoever blesses our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Harun, David and Solomon, the good name Donald John, son of Farid Trump, will bless because he took it upon himself to preserve the people, the state and the land of Israel.

Settlement leaders also recited portions of the Psalms, one of the books of the Torah, while behind them a banner was placed on which Trump’s contributions to settlement are written, reading: “Transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognition of the legitimacy of settlements, lifting restrictions on support for academic institutions in settlements The West Bank, reducing allocations to the Palestinians, and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights.

Note that this prayer for Trump was not the only one, as several prayers were held in a number of synagogues in Israel for Trump’s success.



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