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Jenny Esper cruelly berates one of her fans

The majority of celebrities and artists in the whole world are subjected to criticism and harsh comments from followers and the public, especially with the artists relying heavily on social networking sites to “support their fame.” The Syrian artist Jenny Esper, like other artists, is being criticized, and the difference remains only by the response of these artists to their followers. He refuses to respond or comment, and some responds in a tactful way that does not cause embarrassment for him and the follower, and some of them go out of his way as Esper did and get excited by the response, so that the reaction sometimes is greater than the action itself ..

One of Esper’s fans commented on her recent photos, saying: “I never know you so much plastic surgery until you changed a billion degrees of your face. Fake, even though I love you and follow you from the days of Sabaya. But you are not a media after Sabaya. You are colleges of Arab artists. You look like some of what is in a difference at all, “so Jenny reprimanded the follow-up that she had previously confirmed in her comment that she was one of her fans, and Esper replied, saying:” My love, I don’t have the time to make cosmetic makeup for free people. I praise God every week. It was a lot of magic. Comments.

Which was considered by the majority of followers a harsh response, to the mere opinion of a fan, it is noteworthy that the shape of Jenny Esper has changed since her appearance in the Sabaya series, which the fan referred to so far.



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