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Jeffrey tells the story of “congressional deception” over Syria

During a press interview, James Jeffrey, the resigning US envoy to Syria, revealed a major deception that befell Congress regarding Syria. However, he recommended that the administration of the new US President Joe Biden adhere to President Donald Trump foreign policy in the Middle East.

In details, James Jeffrey said during an interview with Defense One newspaper, which specializes in military affairs, that he and his team “deliberately deceived congressional leaders about the reality of the number of American forces in Syria,” stressing that “the hasty withdrawal decision was the most controversial event for him during his career In the government that has spanned about 50 years. “

Jeffrey denied that a decision to withdraw from Syria was on the agenda, and asked: “What withdrawal from Syria? There was no intention to withdraw from Syria at all.”

He added, “After the relative calm in the north-east of the country to the point after the defeat of ISIS, President Trump was inclined to withdraw the forces. In each case, we had to present at least five convincing arguments to justify the reasons for the need for the survival of the American forces. We have succeeded every time in achieving this, this is the true story. “

He explained, “We were playing an adventurous game by not explicitly disclosing to our leaders the number of forces in Syria, and the real number exceeds the announced number several times.” He said: We always used to trick and elude in order not to reveal to our leaders the truth about the number of forces that we have there on the ground.

He added that, in conjunction with every announcement by President Trump of defeating ISIS in northern Syria, “we decided to devise the best 5 options to enhance the justification for our stay there, and we succeeded in both cases.” Pointing out that “the president retreated each time, increasing his conviction of the necessity to keep limited forces there and to continue fighting.”

It is noteworthy that Trump announced more than once the decision to withdraw from Syria, but nothing was implemented on the ground, and Jeffrey believes that Trump has succeeded in creating a form of political and military “stalemate” in a number of different calm and inflammatory conflicts in the Middle East region, which is what It resulted in a situation that was the best that any US administration could hope to achieve in the midst of this volatile and persistent chaotic region, saying, “He will urge President-elect Biden to continue the path that President Trump’s team has adopted before him.”



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