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Israeli media announces: Qatar is the following

The Israeli media announced that the next state, which will join the Arab state normalized with Israel is the state of Qatar.
In a report, Israel’s Channel 13 reported that questions abounded in response to an earlier statement by the Us president that 5 Arab countries would sign normalization agreements with Israel, and after Sudan announced normalization, the questions increased the following, adding: Qatar is the next country on the list of normalization, which is the closest after Sudan after the American efforts to push countries to declare normalization with Israel.
The channel considered that signing an agreement with Qatar along the lines of the AGREEMENTs of the UAE and Bahrain would be a real achievement, especially since Qatar is considered a sponsor of “Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,” and its close relationship with them could lead to stability in Gaza that Israel hopes to reach.”
The channel’s report indicated that Qatar would benefit from such an agreement, especially with regard to the F-35 deal, which Qatar has been claiming to own for some time, which the UAE obtained after the normalization agreement.
Qatar has said in recent weeks that its position on the Palestinian issue has not changed, adding that “we do not believe that normalization will be an answer to the 70-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”



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