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Israel announces the downing of a Hezbollah plane

The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced the downing of a drone today, which it said was affiliated with the Lebanese “Hezbollah”.

On its official Twitter account, the ministry said: “The IDF shot down a Hezbollah drone that infiltrated from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The drone was under surveillance throughout the incident, and there was no danger to the IDF and the surrounding areas.” ..

In turn, the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, said: “The IDF shot down a drone belonging to the terrorist Hezbollah organization that penetrated the Israeli airspace from Lebanon, where the forces followed it all the time until it was shot down without posing any danger.”

“The Northern Command continues to maintain a high state of readiness and will not allow the sovereignty of the State of Israel to be violated,” Adraei added.



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