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In his own way.. George Wassouf will comment on the rumors of his death

The Syrian Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, commented on the frequent circulation of rumors of his death on social media, in a phone call on an Egyptian channel, mocking the absolute rumors, where he said at the beginning of his intervention: “Alo a loon with you the late George And Will.”
He said he feared that if he actually died, no one would believe the news because of the rumor.
In response to people asking him to retire from art, he said: “They are retiring.”
On the video he recently shared from his home on the Syrian coast, which is affected by the outbreak of fires in Syrian villages and cities, Al-Wassouf said: “Anything against humanity and heart aches and conscience I comment on because I am in pain, and I wish from my heart goodness and everything is beautiful for the whole world.”
“I will not give up Egypt for the rest of my life,” he said.



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