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How to determine infection with Corona “without symptoms”

The stages of the spread of the Corona virus around the world witnessed many developments that did not leave the symptoms alone to determine the fact that a person was infected, as many people were infected with the virus without symptoms of the disease appearing on them.

Biophysicist Nelly Sucidova, revealed the methods that will help determine that you are a Corona patient without symptoms, remembering that one of the criteria is the loss of the sense of smell and taste, adding: “There are a number of people who do not show symptoms have a short-term sense of smell and taste that changes, But there are no other symptoms.

And she continued: “Another criterion, if someone is sick around you, then you need to listen to yourself, and the possibility increases. Third, you can do a rapid antibody test, at home, or in companies if you have, in the absence of clinical symptoms, Antibodies, you were sick without symptoms and you had immunity to the virus. “

Explaining: that a CT scan helps to discover the Corona virus, through this study, you can understand the changes that occur in the lungs, adding: “We can still perform a computer tomography, if we see changes, then we understand that there is a disease that may not appear externally. Pneumonia always appears as a cough or runny nose. There may be a temperature, even in this case, for a short period. There are people with pneumonia below the temperature. “



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