How to avoid wasting food?

In light of the economic conditions

that most countries of the world are witnessing with the distress imposed by the Corona procedures and the stoppage of work and production as a result of the measures followed in most cities, a nutritionist provided a set of behavioral advice to avoid the problem of food waste in homes.

Where nutritionist Marial Mansour considered that food waste is one of the most negative behaviors prevalent in various countries of the world, stressing that the amount of food wasted annually is estimated at about one billion and 300 million tons annually, noting that the cost of this waste amounted to about 980 billion dollars.

To face this problem, I provided the following advice:

Adopting a smart and wise way of shopping, by making a list of the required purchases, and avoiding over-shopping.

Pay attention to food expiration dates, keep old foods within reach and delay new foods.

Store food in a safe way to ensure it lasts for a long time, by placing it in the right places.

Instead of throwing out food leftovers, it can be used to prepare new meals.

Everyone should get the amount of food he needs without adding to it.

Avoid cooking more than one meal at the same time, and limiting it to one meal, so as not to get rid of excess food.

Food surplus can be donated to food banks to help those in need, thus avoiding waste.


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