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Hostage taking in New York

A number of gunmen took hostages inside a house in New York City.

On the details of the incident, Assistant Chief of the New York Police Department, Robin Beltran, said that “it looked like a storming of a house in Queens County, New York, where two suspected gunmen barricaded themselves inside the house.”

He added that a woman and her infant were inside, being held hostage by the gunmen.

He explained that the victim was assaulted during the incident, but fortunately, she was released with the child, in addition to two additional people who were inside the house, an elderly woman in her eighties and a woman in her fifties.

Police and emergency units have been deployed at the site of the accident, while a negotiating team is expected to arrive to free other hostages, who may be inside the house.

According to the police, the area has been evacuated and it is safe, but investigations are continuing to find out the circumstances of the accident.



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