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Hezbollah: Lebanon’s negotiation with Israel does not mean peace

The parliamentary bloc for the Lebanese “Hezbollah” announced that negotiating with Israel over the demarcation of the maritime borders has nothing to do with making peace with it.

During its periodic meeting, the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc in the Lebanese Parliament announced the following:

Contrary to all the talk that has been said here and there, that the negotiating framework on an exclusive issue related to our southern maritime borders and the restoration of our land, leading to the demarcation of our national sovereignty sites, has absolutely nothing to do with the context of reconciliation with the Zionist enemy usurping Palestine, nor the normalization policies that it has recently pursued and may be pursued by countries An Arab woman has never believed in the option of resistance and never practiced it against the enemy of the nation. “

Lebanon announced that a framework agreement had been reached to negotiate the demarcation of the land and sea borders with Israel, under American auspices and under the supervision of the United Nations.

The Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri read the contents of the agreement, which stated the following: “The United States realizes that the governments of Lebanon and Israel are ready to demarcate the maritime borders based on the positive experience of the tripartite mechanism adopted since the April 1996 Understanding, and currently under Resolution 1701, which has made progress. In the area of ​​decisions about the Blue Line “..” With regard to the maritime borders, meetings will be held in Naqoura (the United Nations headquarters at the Lebanese-Israeli border) under the banner of the United Nations under the auspices of the United Nations Special Coordinator team in Lebanon, to prepare minutes of the meetings jointly, which will be signed and submitted to Israel and Lebanon to sign it, “provided that the Lebanese army manages the negotiations with the Israeli side.



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