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Google unveils a controversial application

A controversial new application revealed by the American company Google, through which the owners of companies and service providers control their users’ personal phones, and prohibit the services they specify in the event that the user fails to pay the installments.

The new Google application bore the name “Davis Lock Controler”, which was designed to allow creditors, banks and transport companies, whoever they owe money to, to allow them to specify jobs on the device in the event of defaulting on the required payments.

And in the Google Play Store, the functionality of the new app is described as follows: “Davis Lock Control allows, device management for credit providers. Your provider can restrict access to your device remotely if you don’t make a lot of payments. If your device is restricted, basic functions will remain, such as Emergency calls and access to settings are available.

Several reports have warned and objected to this new application due to the existence of a “moral dilemma” in such applications that allow third parties to control the personal phones of others.



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