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Good news for the Lebanese … the birth of the new government within days!

Amidst the chaos of crises plunging Lebanon into, from major economic problems to political crises with no real hope of resolving them, to disputes, disagreements and corruption files that appear and disappear, the Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri marched a “pleasant” message to the Lebanese about the approaching date of the birth of the new government, which has been straining its ankle since The first moment of carrying the big crisis files.

In a statement, Berri said: “T
he coming government may see the light within four or five days if the positive atmosphere remains as it is currently.”

It is noteworthy that Saad Hariri was re-assigned to form the government for the fourth time, and for his part, he confirmed that he is working to form a government of specialists far from the parties, he said



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