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For the first time in Syria. Redress for war wounded “lawyers”

The war in Syria has not left anything intact, and it has not allowed any Syrians to disengage themselves from its clutches, and the legacy of the unfinished Syrian war has not only been caused by martyrs and destruction, but its negative reflection has left its mark on the lives of many young doctors and lawyers and. Those who applied for military or reserve service or were retained during the years of war in Syria, and were discharged from service due to the health conditions caused by the war, leaving their effects on their bodies to find themselves without work and power less after the war took their best years and could not survive the military commitment only with injuries that stand between their lives and return to work, who spent years studying before or during the service.
After the legal profession prevented these young people from practicing because one of its first conditions of full health, the Bar Association of Syria recently managed to redress them by a decision allowing them to join it and practice the profession without complying with the health requirement, a step that is the first of its kind in the field of organizing the legal profession in Syria.
The General Conference of the Syrian Bar Association has approved the acceptance of applications for those who wish to join them who have been injured in the war, regardless of their physical injury.
The decision also exempted the injured and wounded from the age requirement for admission to the union, as the law stipulated that those over the age of 50 would not be admitted to the entry of trained lawyers.
The decision also included exempting war wounded from all registration fees in the Bar Association.
A decision that the Bar Association was proactive in taking in order to bring justice to the victims of this war, in the hope that the rest of the unions and professions will follow the bar’s example and come up with fair decisions that will bring them back to the careers they lost against their will.



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