For the first time .. Abu Dhabi hotels offer food that conforms to Kosher law

After the Department of Tourism and Culture in Abu Dhabi instructed hotels to provide “kosher” food (which is permissible food according to the Jewish religion), the Department of Tourism signed a cooperation agreement with the Emirates Agency to issue and grant kosher certificates under the leadership of Rabbi Levi Duchman, announcing the launch of the certification project in Emirate hotels, giving the opportunity for Jewish tourists to eat food that is specified and permitted to them according to their religion in the Emirates.
Note that this agreement allows Abu Dhabi hotels to benefit for free for a period of one year from Kosher certification services. The Emirates Palace Hotel is the first to hold the certificate.
The specifications of the accreditation certificate for all food and beverage places in all hotels in the emirate require the creation of an additional corner in their kitchens dedicated to preparing kosher food, and these hotels are also required to put stickers on their menus with clear symbols indicating the kosher varieties.
It is noteworthy that the Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification is the first legal authority authorized to grant certification licenses in the country and evaluate services and products to ensure the best compliance with kosher food standards, and the agency was established earlier in 2020



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