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Fires devour the Syrian countryside and threaten civilian homes

A number of fires broke out in the countryside of Homs, Tartous and Lattakia simultaneously, which caused agricultural disasters from yesterday until today, and the concerned authorities have not yet been able to control them, and they are still continuing to spread very quickly, especially in the areas of the Syrian coast, forcing the people of Many villages fled their villages after the fire approached their homes.
The authorities sought the help of units of the Syrian army in an attempt to control the fires, and there were also some reports that Iraq had provided assistance through their aviation.

In turn, the Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous requested all relevant ministries and their affiliated authorities, firefighting teams and civil defense in all governorates to provide support and assistance to contribute to extinguishing the fires.
The Ministers of Agriculture and Local Administration are present in those locations, with direct follow-up with all parties on the ground.

The causes of the fires are still not announced, knowing that their outbreak was simultaneously in all regions, and has so far caused great material losses, a new scenario whose episodes are repeated in recent years in the Syrian regions, aroused fires in agricultural lands and an unknown actor or outside the scope of accountability .. and suffering … And great losses for the Syrian farmers … to remain the missing link who benefits from the increasing suffering of Syrians with fires.



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