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Fashion Week “Mercedes-Benz” in Russia

Amidst strict measures to combat the Coronavirus, and within the activities of Moscow Fashion Week, the “Mercedes-Benz in Russia” fashion show was launched, as this season’s shows were transferred from the platform of the Manej Hall in Moscow to special sites with Internet broadcasts, knowing that it was from It is planned that the exhibition hall “Manej” will host the audience this season.

According to those concerned, the uniqueness of this season is that the general schedule of the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in Russia” included live broadcasts from other cities and countries, where performances were presented by Russian designers from Russian cities, and the event also hosted a group show of designers from Indonesia, and shows of brands from Argentina and Britain. America and Peru ..

On the last day, on a live broadcast, a group of designers from the “Russian Fashion” project from Krasnodar was shown, and a virtual presentation of the “chain” brand from Argentina was held.



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