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Europe criticizes the decline in respect for democratic standards in Turkey

The European Commission’s report for 2020 on Turkey showed a dangerous decline in respect for the standards of democracy, the rule of law and basic freedoms amid the absence of an effective checks and balances mechanism.

According to the report, Turkey remained a major partner of the European Union, but it continued to widen the rift between it and the Union and retreat in a number of key areas. The Turkish government rejected some of the results and described the European Union as “biased.”
The official website of the Stockholm Center for Freedoms “SC

F” stated that the negative effects of the state of emergency declared by the Turkish government in July 2016 after the failed coup lasted for two years, and is still felt until now, and has continued to greatly affect democracy and the basic rights of citizens.

The Center attributed this in large part to the amalgamation of some legal provisions that grant exceptional powers to the authorities in the event of imposing an emergency law in the country.

On freedom of the press, the report revealed the negative role that the media play in spreading unbiased, pluralistic and independent news, explaining that the concentration of media ownership in the hands of a small number of holding companies that have strong ties with the government or that rely on specific contracts, which represents a threat to free media. And independent ..

The report said, “90% of the Turkish media are now owned by groups loyal to the government and the ruling party in Turkey.”



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