Strikes a nerve

Ethiopia, the beginning of the coming civil wars

Sectarian strife imposes itself in Ethiopia, despite the Ethiopian media ignoring the local authorities’ calmness, but the crimes that violate the rights of civilians, which have been exchanged by both the government and the Liberation Front, impose dangerous dimensions in front of us, which may not be able to any of the parties to prevent the lava of response in the hearts of civilians, who may be used As a method of war to respond or attack.

It is worth noting that the state of panic and anger dominating the Ethiopian people may, from minute to minute, produce a spark of side wars, which may expand to divide the two parties to the conflict in Ethiopia into several armed parties, and those parties may attract civilians to join them, especially in light of the poor living situation that Ethiopia suffers from.

The state of civil strife, if it began in Ethiopia, will not be confined to it, but may extend and expand due to the dangerous dimensions of that war, whether ethnic or sectarian, the ground is fertile for the outbreak of internal wars at any moment, and it may be the fiercest war in the modern history of Ethiopia and its surroundings.


Janette Alkousa

The pen is her constant friend, and through some of her writings she gained the trust of Mr. Tannous, who saw in her the right person, as he found her cultural distinction and believed that she would complete a thirty-year-old cultural career. As for the principle that it chose to complement it (far from politics, close to home).

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