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Erdogan talks about his country’s policy with a number of countries

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considered that, with the exception of the parties seeking chaos, “no one should be disturbed” by the presence of Turkey and its soldiers in the Gulf.

Erdogan said, “Turkey, with its military presence, is not only contributing to maintaining stability and peace in Qatar, but also in the entire Gulf region.”

On the Turkish intervention in Syria, Erdogan said, “Turkey will not remain in the Syrian lands forever, and we will end our presence there once a permanent solution to the crisis there is found.”

On Libya, Erdogan said, “Legitimacy will prevail in Libya, and the revolutionaries will be defeated in the end.”
He added, “We will continue cooperation with the United States in the fields of combating terrorism, supporting democracy and ending instability.”

Regarding the Mediterranean crisis, Erdogan said: “Those who saw our resolve in the eastern Mediterranean and realized that they could not push us to retreat were forced today to listen to our calls for dialogue.”

On the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Erdogan said, “Armenia’s endeavor to show Turkey as a party to the clashes after its heavy defeat by Azerbaijan is evidence of the critical and desperate situation in which it is living.”



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