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Yemeni official: closure of Sanaa airport caused death of about 80 thousand patients

Director General of Sanaa International Airport Administration, Khaled Al-Sharif, revealed that the airport’s closure for four and a half years has caused great suffering, including the death of more than 80,000 patients who needed to receive treatment abroad.

In a press statement, Al-Sharif said that the suffering of the Yemenis has continued for four and a half years, and that thousands of cases have died as a result of the two crimes of closing the airport and the continuation of this in light of the stagnation of the international community.

He pointed out that more than 450,000 patients still need to travel to receive treatment abroad due to the ongoing war and poor health conditions as a result of the comprehensive siege.

He pointed out that more than a million patients are threatened with death due to the lack of drugs for incurable diseases, and that more than three thousand patients registered with the Ministry of Health suffer from cardiac abnormalities and are in urgent need to travel abroad for treatment.

He explained that the direct losses targeting Sanaa International Airport amounted to more than $ 150 million.


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