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Yasmine Sabry’s appearance at an Egyptian-Syrian wedding

The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, appeared at the wedding of businessman Ayman El-Gamil, to “Laila Al-Debs,” the daughter of Syrian Parliament member Samer Al-Dibs, which was held in El-Gouna, Egypt, on Friday.

The star Yasmine Sabry, the wife of businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, shared new photos of her in the ceremony, which was described as “legendary” and was hosted by the Egyptian artist Amr Diab, which was attended by a large number of celebrities and public figures from Syria and Egypt, including Yusra, Belba, Nelly Karim, and the Saudi media. Loujain Omran, the Syrian actor Yazan Al-Sayed, and his wife, the businesswoman, Lama Al-Rahwanji, and others. Because of him, Yousra and a number of stars were criticized for attending him hours after attending Samir Ghanem’s funeral

She also drew attention in one of the pictures when she lifted her hair from her face with her hands to show the precious jewelry that she had put, consisting of two diamond earrings, a diamond necklace adorned with precious stones, a large diamond ring and a wide bracelet.

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