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Who will be crowned “La Liga”?

The Spanish Football League ignited in the last five games remaining, with four clubs vying for the “La Liga” title.
And the victory of Granada, more excitement over the Spanish League, after its sudden victory, on Thursday, to Barcelona 2-1, in a postponed match from the 33rd week, thus providing a great service to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Seville.
With this, Barcelona stuck in third place with 71 points, difference from direct confrontations from Real Madrid II, while “the neighbor” Atletico Madrid kept the lead, by two points, in a four-way struggle for the precious title with Seville fourth, with 70 points, just 5 rounds of The curtain falls on the “La Liga” competitions.
In this monitoring, we review the remaining five matches for the four clubs competing for the “La Liga” title this season:
Round 34
Elche – Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid – Osasuna, Valencia – Barcelona, ​​Seville – Athletic Bilbao.
Round 35
Barcelona – Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid – Seville, Barcelona – Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid – Seville.
Round 36
Atletico Madrid – Real Sociedad, Granada – Real Madrid, Levante – Barcelona, ​​Seville – Valencia.
Round 37
Atletico Madrid – Osasuna, Athletic Bilbao – Real Madrid, Barcelona – Celta Vigo, Villarreal – Seville.
Round 38
Valladolid – Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid – Villarreal, Eibar – Barcelona, ​​Seville – Deportivo Alaves.


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